5 Mart 2014 Çarşamba


Today is a new day.A big day.You are about to witness my first fashion show for Louis Vuitton.
Words can not express exactly how I am feeling at this moment...Above all,immense joy at being,here ,in the knowledge that my stylistic  expression is at one with the Louis Vuitton philosophy.The proud legacy.The inspiring history that looks to the future and to the world.The quest for authenticity and innovation.The desire for timelessness.Does not every designer ultimately seek to create something timeless?I salute the work of Marc Jacobs,whose legacy I wholeheartedly hope to honour.And I thank you for being here to sharethis moment with me.Thanks to all you who have helped me to tell this new story and make Louis Vuitton what it is, and especially to those who work with me.
Thanks to everyone who is here on this day, this morning.Right now.

March 5th,2014

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